Powered By the NVIDIA Jetson Platform ZVISION LiDAR Boosts the Commercialization ofAutonomousDriving

2023-05-10 10:30

Since its establishment, ZVISION has been deeply engaged in the field of long-range and short-range Lidar, always aiming to create lightweight solid Lidar with high reliability, high resolution and low cost. At present, the Lidar products of ZVISION have been commercialized in a number of autonomous driving application scenarios, including last mile delivery, logistics autonomous truck, and Robotaxi.   

As a member of the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN), ZVISION is developing an autonomous driving perception system based on MEMS Lidar with the help of NVIDIA's leading AI chip hardware and mature software tool chain, and at the same time dedicating itself to improving the intelligence level of Lidar perception software development. Develop an autonomous driving perception scheme highly integrated with Lidar sensors and AI computing platform.

JDL's smart express car equipped with NVIDIA Jetson and short range Lidar from ZVISION together.(Picture By JDL)

With the help of the NVIDIA Jetson Platform, ZVISION's Lidar products can significantly help customer to shorten prototype testing time and R&D cycle, improve efficiency and meet the fast-paced development needs of the sensor industry, thus accelerating the commercialization and safe landing of Lidar systems.