Sony Semiconductor Solutions Visits ZVISION's CES Booth for Both Companies to Continue Exploring Fut

2024-01-17 16:00

Jan 9, business executives of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (“Sony”) visited the ZVISIONs booth to witness the debut of ZVISON EZ6 at 2024 CES. Sony spoke highly of ZVISION's achievements in automotive lidar and its research and development progress on SPAD based Lidar. Both Sony and ZVISION expressed the hope to continue to deepen cooperation in the future.


On CES, Dr. Li Yunxiang, Vice President of ZVISION, presented ZVISION EZ6 to the Sony delegation. Designed with the market's core demand and a fundamental focus on meeting the highest cost-effectiveness for automotive applications, ZVISION EZ6 introduces a groundbreaking generation of SPAD LiDAR architecture. This architecture ensures that ZVISION EZ6 meets the performance requirements of ADAS while significantly reducing the cost of LiDAR. ZVISION EZ6's high-resolution, easy-to-integrate compact form factor, and strong resistance to dirt and contamination offer a perfect balance between performance and cost, making it a highly useful Lidar.

It is worth mentioning that ZVISION EZ6 is equipped with Sony's stacked single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) SOC, which effectively enhances the integration of the receiving end and reduces the demand for computational resources of the core processor, achieving a substantial cost reduction.

During the subsequent communication session, Dr. Li Yunxiang declared: "In the field of autonomous driving, the trend towards 'cost reduction and increased efficiency' necessitates the high integration of SPAD architecture in automotive LiDAR. Sony's SPAD SOC, a key technology in the LiDAR industry, will undoubtedly drive this trend. The launch of ZVISION EZ6 not only starts a new era of LiDAR equality, but also significantly boosts Sony's SPAD products in the LiDAR business."

Kenji Onishi,sony Deputy Senior General Manager said: "Congratulations on the successful release of ZVISION EZ6 SPAD LiDAR. We are delighted that sony's SPAD products equipped on ZVISION EZ6 and achieved such an amazing performance. SONY & ZVISION both believe SPAD based LiDAR solutions will be the mainstream in the future. We are excited to work with ZVISION to bring SPAD LiDAR to a new level. Wish ZVISION EZ6 a big success."